Xave Ruth


House concerts are AWESOME! They’re fun for the performer and the host, and much less stressful than dealing with venues and advertising. I’m currently trying to plan a summer tour playing mostly house concerts across parts of Canada and the USA.

I have experience playing house concerts and can provide references upon request. This -> clip is from one of the house concerts I’ve played. Go here for more info about house concerts.

House Concerts

I have a solo show that’s been thoroughly developed over the last year through my own solo shows and opening for other groups.

My act involves music, like duh, but also interstitial comedic bits meant to introduce/connect the music. These segments involve stories, characters, costume changes, props, anything that fits. Also some pants that honestly don’t fit that well. They’re a 5 (women’s). Check out some performance footage over <- there!


I write satirical pop about the life of your typical Canadian twentysomething. Relationships, bicycles, friends, hipsters, angst, everything that’s relevant to today’s jaded urbanite.

I’ve been described as “Flight of the Conchords But Only One Guy” by me. Check out one of my music videos; it’s over there! ->



Hi. My name’s Xave. (It’s pronounced Zave. It’s a common name in London, Ontario, trust me.)

I’m a singer-songwriter-comedian calling Toronto home these days. I just released my first album!!!! OMG. Buy it here.