Xave Ruth

Xave Ruth is a comedic singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada (formerly of Ottawa). He writes and performs songs about love, bicycles, people named Steve, and 2 or 3 other things.

Check out a tune over there! ->

Xave filmed a LIVE COMEDY SPECIAL in April 2017, in Toronto. Xave Ruth: Live in Toronto is set for release on February 23, 2018, on the Xtore.

Xave Ruth - Xave Ruth (2012) (click to embiggen)


In 2012, Xave released his first album, entitled Xave Ruth.

(here's one track)

See the album in iTunes here, Spotify here, or listen to the rest over here.

Xave is currently working on his second album, XAVER FLAVER CHICKEN BEHAVIOUR, and it will appear here sometime soon. He recently completed his second national tour across Canada in support of the new material, playing living rooms, back yards, barns and other such intimate spaces. Check out a video from one of these intimate shows over there <--.

He drove around in a Dadvan. It was the DADVAN TOUR 2016. 

coming soon

coming soon


Xave makes music videos as well! His first music video ever, shot on an iPhone 3 and featuring some awesome coordinate bike-dance moves, is over there <----- !!

Xave also makes silly cover videos, such as the Cup Song Drunk, and Tetris a Capella. See Xave's whole collection of videos here.


See pics of Xave in performance below! (click to scroll through)