Live in Palo Alto, March 2015

     Live in Palo Alto, March 2015

What's a house concert? A concert in a house! Whose house? YOUR HOUSE! Or, in your backyard, or your cottage, or your workplace, or your outhouse, or wherever! 

   Live at my next door neighbour's, Toronto, 2011

   Live at my next door neighbour's, Toronto, 2011

House concerts are great because they're small and intimate, and it's just you and your friends. And the host can make it whatever they want - BBQ, potluck, jam session, games night, rave, the list goes on and on. There just happens to be some live music!




Xave has played many house concerts going back to 2011 and is always up for playing another one. Also: If you know any local musicians/comedians/ artists, Xave would be happy to share the bill!

Contact at, or at any of the social media things listed at the bottom of this page.

Photo Galleries from Past House Concerts

Gatineau, 2016 (photos by Jessica Hodgson Photography)

Vancouver, 2016 (click to scroll through)

Tottenham, 2016 (click to scroll through)

Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2016 (click to scroll through)

Christie Lake, 2016 (click to scroll through)

California, 2015 (click to scroll through)

Conmee Point, Lake Superior, 2012

Olympia, Washington, 2012

The Annex, Toronto, 2011