On Sunday afternoon, I played my first cottage show of the summer (at least one more is upcoming.) The Brown family was there in full force, as well as several friends, dogs, and babies. One baby in particular was the star of the show, followed by the dog, followed by Gabe's late arrival (after the GABE song), followed by another small child, followed by the snacks and drinks, and finally followed by Xave Ruth.

The show featured an in-show game of Boggle, in which someone pointed out that in my song using only the letters A-G, I had failed to consider the possibility of naming one of the characters BECCA, which I am extremely ashamed of, as well as a fauna-destroying rendition of The Gopher, and an ACCORDION!! That was awesome.

Christie Lake made for a gorgeous setting, and members of the audience jumped in the lake following the show. We had previously considered holding the show with Xave on the raft, and the audience on the dock, but ultimately decided running power over water to the raft was too risky (although I still believe in and would someday like to try the canoe-convoy solution, wherein several canoes drop anchor between the raft and the dock, forming an uninterrupted path over which the electrical cables can travel.)

Thanks to the Brown family for hosting and everyone for coming out! See the pics here.