On Friday, I played a show at Alaina and Mike's barn. Friends and family came over for the show and to have a good time on a Friday night. We set up hay bales in amphitheatre seating, which I have to imagine is the most comfortable way to watch a show.

Check out photos here.

We shared the barn with the cows, but they were very polite and didn't interrupt the show once. At least, I didn't hear them, but it's possible they were mooing basslines that blended so well as to be unnoticeable. In fact, I'm planning on using only moo samples for the bass parts on my new material.

Alaina and Mike's three-year-old son Andrew was a highlight of the event. When I first met him he was too shy to speak (even to his mom), but he seemed to warm up based on the music. During the show, Andrew laughed particularly hard at the line "now that's what I call a bro job." This caused everyone else to laugh uproariously, giving Andrew the biggest laugh of the night.

The next day, upon coming down for breakfast, Andrew exclaimed "Dave, you were a really good singer last night!" In saying this, Andrew was implying that I was NOT a good singer at that moment (i.e. Saturday morning), which was very perceptive of him, as I am never a good singer in the morning, especially when hungover.

Other highlights included: Steve being a huge dick, Laura being Laura, Creed, and the post-show jam session with Mike and Scott.

Thanks to Mike and Alaina for hosting a great show!