Last week, I played my first double-bill show of the Dadvan Tour; with my good friends Natalia and Brent over at No Funny Business. NFB is a sketch-comedy duo who has been putting out weekly videos on YouTube for the better part of a year. This was their first ever live show, and I was very excited to be part of this momentous occasion!

The show opened with a spectacular live music video: Kev (of Krafts with Kev) had prepared and choreographed a music video to sing and dance along to, which he did seamlessly. It was truly impressive. After a couple of Xave tunes, Kev returned to facilitate a Krafter Kontest. The audience was very enthusiastic and creative. Let’s just say adults making krafts is a wonderful spectator sport.

After some more Xave, Sumdeep arrived to regale the crowd with some of her India Love Poems. Impressively, the poems were improvised on themes thrown out by the audience, and the topics ranged far and wide: one was on curry, another on coriander. Other spices were mentioned as well.

I was excited about Brent’s projector-on-the-wall setup and decided to perform Second Date along to the music video, which happens to feature Natalia in a starring role. Playing next to a wall with projected images of my face was fun and weird and sort of creepy.

The night was capped off with a rousing rendition of “On Top of Spaghetti”. It made me hungry. Thanks to No Funny Business for a great venue and a great show!