On Civic Holiday weekend, I played a show at Aleah and Kyle’s place in Vancouver, my one and only tour stop in the ‘Couve. That is a nickname I have just made up and you have my permission to use it.

Check out photos from the show here.

Aleah and Kyle were excellent hosts; Kyle came out victorious in a Guac-Off between him and myself, and the judges’ decision was simplified when it was discovered that I hadn’t made any Guac. Aleah transformed the living room into a cozy amphitheatre complete with the first (but not the last!) real spotlight of the tour.

Highlights of the show included Ian volunteering his thick, thick glasses for the performance of the Glasses song, rendering me essentially blind and my guitar-playing noticeably subpar, Kristin discovering a loophole in Shitty Singer-Songwriter Bingo by performing her own “swaying”, among other items on the card, the presence of a guest named Rachel for the one time on the tour I've played the song featuring a Rachel, and of course piano accompaniment by Kyle! on two tracks: Steve You Are a Dick, and Taco Taco Taco Burrito.

The show was briefly interrupted so we could watch the final night of Vancouver’s fireworks festival, which apparently features a different country putting together the show each night. On this night it was the USA’s turn. Their theme was Disney, and Kyle smartly put on the audio stream that CBC provides to go along with the display.

Big ups, no, huge ups, to Aleah and Kyle for hosting a fantastic evening!