On Friday, I played in #EDM #ONTON at Marty and Erika's house-warming party. It was a wild party, and the wildness was only exacerbated by Marty's acquisition of a keg, making this the first-ever kegger with Xave Ruth as featured entertainment.

Check out photos here.

In the course of the evening, two keg-stands were completed, and both resulted in injuries. During the first, Marty severely bruised his hand hoisting the participant (Xave) upside-down. During the second, the keg fell over, causing the second participant (not Xave) to hit his head.

These hilarious and ridiculous gaffes prompted a younger attendee to Snapchat a photo to her friends with the caption "Old people doing kegstands". It is the biggest disappointment of the tour so far that I don't have this photo to include in this album.

Other highlights of the evening included the amazing spread prepared by Erika (the crowd didn't believe me in the first set when I attempted to explain just how much food was waiting inside), the development of an intricate system of pointing to late-arriving guests, two dogs going ham on each other, a sick cash register, and Marty's unbelievable house tour to an adoring throng.

Thanks to Marty and Erika for hosting an awesome party and show!