Last weekend, I played a show at Taylor and Lisa’s house. Their new place has a great kitchen/living room which made a perfect venue for the show.

See photos here.

The show featured a rousing game of Shitty Singer-Songwriter Bingo, which was won by one of the teachers in the crowd, who later remarked that turning a musical performance into a game was such a teacher thing to do, and also that my overall stage presence was very teacherly. I promptly shushed her and gave her a time-out.

Bingo was not the only instance of audience participation in the show, as the audience collaboratively wrote a new chapter of The Gopher, line-by-line. Amazingly, several of the lines contained references to Bob Dylan’s The Hurricane, the song that inspired The Gopher, even though I hadn’t mentioned this during the show.

Marty and Erika (of Live at Marty and Erika’s) were in attendance, and brought the remainder of the previous night’s keg (shamefully, we hadn’t finished it - just another instance of #oldpeopledoingkegstands). Taylor and Lisa, and their friends, being a slightly younger crowd (i.e. on the other side of 30), had no trouble polishing it off (okay, we MOSTLY finished it the previous night, we’re not THAT old.)

Taylor also took some great video of the first set, which I’m excited to release in the next few weeks.

Thanks to Taylor and Lisa for hosting a great party/show!