After my two stops in Edmonton, I headed south to Calgary to play my first-ever show to an audience entirely made up of strangers. This was very cool. At my show in Niagara-on-the-Lake, an attendee named Tobi told me her brother in Calgary would love the show. So she hooked us up, and the show ended up happening. My hosts Larry and Marie invited a bunch of people over to hear some dude they had never heard of and had no connection to, and said bunch of people showed up and seemed to have a great time! (At least, to my face.)

Normally when I play shows I rope the host, who is usually a friend of mine, into snapping some photos, whether they want to or not, because I'm a jerk. At this show, since I had just met my hosts a couple hours beforehand... I did the exact same thing. I forced Larry to take photos, because I'm a jerk. Good thing he turned out to be an excellent photographer, as you can see in the photo series above.

I especially like the shot of Steve You Are a Dick, framed by the diverging tree trunks. Very artistic, Larry. With this shot, I think Larry was trying to say that that tree is also a dick.

I didn't know anything about the venue before I arrived, but it turned out to be a beautiful back patio reminiscent of Theatre in the Round. You know, because the deck was round. Not that I did a play or anything.

Thanks to Larry and Marie for hosting a great show. I hope to be back to Calgary sooner rather than later!